Many of our clients have become true friends and some of them have been involved in our project in a very intense way, bringing their professionalism and art to the Cortijo de Ramón with a generosity and enthusiasm that we can never thank enough.

Photo gallery, Pierre Gobin (France)


Aerial photographer, travel and lodging photographer...

“A beautiful picture can transport you. Far... far... very far... A landscape, a climate, a look, it can be enough to free my imagination. I have the gift of ubiquity. El Cortijo de Ramón, a great place to discover and an exceptional moment with Marc and his wife. ”.


Logo design, Lydia Rochet (Tarragona)


Artist painter and logo designer.

“Walking between the trees surrounding the hotel, I was looking for an image or almost a sign to define the concept I wanted to convey in the logo. Silent and discreet, an old tile found me. Surrounded by hundreds of different greens, it instantly caught my attention. Lily flowers, very French, were drawn with a certain regularity...”


Website design, José Luis Granado (Sevilla)


Website designer and author.

"A work project culminating in the reality of a friendship, Amparo and Marc easily lend themselves to it, and the Cortijo de Ramón becomes a problem when you want to capture on the web an essence that far exceeds reality. An incomparable setting impregnated with an exceptional place.".


Permanent exhibition, Guido Montañés (Granada)


Premanent exhibition.

"Guido Montañés shows us in his photographs all this diversity and natural beauty, from the peaks to the magical forests, shadows and nebulae, mists and silence that surround the Cortijo."


Juan Manuel Vázquez de la Torre & David Gallego
Seven & Eleven Visualworks Studio (Córdoba)

david juanma

“A picture is worth a thousand words... A video shows 24 frames per second. It is the enormous capacity for communication and emotion that an audiovisual work possesses. It was a pleasure for us to show your house and its surroundings from another point of view.”


Thanks to them, we can say that our guest house is...

"Way more than just a Country House"