We maintain a serious and responsible commitment to ensure that your holiday does not have a negative impact on our environment and we want to involve them by helping to preserve our environment and the tranquility of the place.

Cortijo de Ramón is located in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas natural park, in the northeast of the province of Jaén. The risk of fire is very high in summer and that is why, every autumn/winter, we make a great effort to prune and burn the dead branches and "clean" the ground around the cottage, an action framed in a fireproof plan.

The wood to heat the common rooms of the house comes from the pruning of our olive trees. As for the heating and hot water of the cottage, we have a biomass boiler with olive stones, an excellent local fuel.

We recycle all packaging, glass and organic waste separately.

The water used comes from our own source, but we encourage the reuse of towels with our customers to reduce excessive consumption of water and detergents.

Our pool uses salt instead of chlorine and to offer a more pleasant and healthy bath for the skin.

The parking lot is not paved and is equipped with trees to provide shade and far enough from the house to reduce vehicle noise.

The entire guest house is a smoke-free area, and for smokers there are ashtrays around the guest house.

The exterior lighting is LED and directed towards the ground to reduce light pollution. At night, the starry sky is impressive.

The hotel's corridors are equipped with automatic lighting and all the bulbs are LED.

The fertilizer for the grass around the pool is ecological and we do not use chemical fertilizers in our orchard.

We offer comfortable outdoor spaces to promote activities such as reading or simply relaxing.

To disconnect, there is no television. In this way, we want to encourage meetings between guests.

We do not have any wild animals in cages except for a few chickens that we feed with the restaurant's organic waste to obtain fresh eggs of exceptional quality.

Whenever possible, we try to build on the local economy of Jaén and its province, which represents 90% of our suppliers.

“The commitment to the environment of the cottage is our identity. Getting a symbiosis with nature during your stay depends on this environment, but also on you.”

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